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Camping at Midginbill Hill

Located between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in Northern NSW, Midginbil Hill is only 5 mins easy drive to the boat ramp at the legendary Clarrie Hall Dam.

The campground is a mixture of wide grassy areas and sheltered rainforest sites, all backing onto a beautiful creek with headwaters in the Nightcap National Park.

About 1,700 people live in this town at the mouth of the Brunswick River.

Situated 20 km north of Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads is a quiet fishing village with beautiful beaches and a river meandering through the town. Brunswick has its own fishing fleet and boat harbor where you can buy fresh fish daily.

Locals and tourists enjoy a variety of activities including surfing, bike riding, swimming, charter fishing, long beach walks and dining out.

The canoe is 15ft 6in (4.73meters) long , has outriggers spread to 8ft (2.5 meters) and is powered by a Minn Kota Endura 30 lb (13.6 kg) thrust electric outboard motor. The motor has an endurance of more than 3 hrs at full throttle.

In this configuration, the canoe is a very stable and stealthy fishing platform requiring only around 12" (30.5 cm) of water to operate.


A largely four-lane divided Pacific Highway will make travel safer by separating opposing traffic flows along the most dangerous sections. More than 10 cities and towns have been, or will be bypassed, thereby reducing the conflict between local traffic movements and those of fast moving highway traffic. These measures will reduce the likelihood of head-on collisions, and provide less restricted overtaking opportunities. Travel times will become more reliable and journeys less stressfull
See our Flash Enhanced Album of photos taken on the Brunswick River. See moving water ripples, waves and reflections using Sqirls Reflection and Ripple software by Xiberpix

Mt. Warning is Australia's most prominent volcanic plug. It is all that is left of the eroded core of the Tweed Shield Volcano, Australia's largest central volcano, which formed about 22 million years ago and straddles the New South Wales - Queensland border. The mountain was named by Captain Cook to warn future mariners of the offshore reefs he encountered in May 1770.

Clarrie Hall Dam is set amongst picturesque forest. The primary function of the dam is to provide storage for Tweed Shire’s water supply.

The Lady Of The Lake
Flash Enhanced Album

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Brunswick Video Map

Videos / Movies of Brunswick Heads, the Brunswick River.

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Map of Brunswick Heads and The Brunswick River. Zoom in and drag. Map, Satellite, Hybrid. Download the maps as a PDF file.

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