Movies of the canoe on the

Brunswick River and Midjimbal Creek
A Movie of the canoe on
The Brunswick River
Duration 4:12 min

The Brunswick River is located in the Northern Rivers region of northern NSW, Australia, running through Mullumbimby and Brunswick Heads.

A Movie of the canoe on
Midjimbal Creek
Duration 3:31 min

Midjimbal Creek is a small tidal tributary running off the Brunswick River about 4 km upstream of the mouth of the river at Brunswick Heads.


More Canoe Info
Brunswick River Maps

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Photos and Details of the E-Canoe

'Bass' by 'Tweed Fibreglass' 15' 6" (4.7 mtr) long, 33" (84 cm) wide, 27kg. AU$650 from 'eBay'
This is the outrigger kit by 'Australis Canoes' AU$320, from 'Ballina Recreation Mart'

'Minn Kota Endura' 30 motor AU$260, 100ah battery AU$120, from 'Tweed Coast Marine' and Outriggers

Rigged and ready to catch fish.

Up and running on
The Brunswick River
Out on the river

I made new quick fit and release fittings for the outriggers. They used to be held on with U bolts (see photo above right). That meant doing up 8 wing nuts. It was a bit slow and rough on the fingers. Now it is fastened on in less that a minute.
The bolts going through the pipe aren't holding anything down, they just pass through holes in the metal mounting plate to correctly locate the outriggers and to stop fore & aft and side to side movement.
I finally worked out how to get it on the roof of the garage. The only lifting points were below the Center of Gravity and when lifted, the canoe wanted to flip up the right way. However, eventually go it sorted.

Had to strap it to a 17 ft
pipe and then lift the pipe

John fishing the Tweed River

Ben keeping cool in the Tweed River

Fish Size and Bag Limits N.S.W

From The Workshop
The Canoe Crate
to see the Canoe Crate
Canoe / Kayak Trolley

for how to make a Super Cheap ($30) canoe / kayak trolley

To See A Movie of the trolley being used to launch the canoe
Press the 'Start' button on the player below

In this movie the canoe was fully loaded during launch. The load included outriggers, electric outboard, its 100ah marine battery, fishing gear, cooler, anchor and rope, and other bits and pieces.

The Fishing Vest

I like to use a 'vest' when fishing from the canoe. It keeps everything that I need like hooks, sinkers, swivels, a knife, SP lures, and wet weather gear, close at hand .

To see a photo of the content of the vest showing more detail.
(Will Open In A Pop-Up Window)

Vest by Wild River approx AU$40


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Brunswick and Canoe Photos
for photos taken from the canoe on the Brunswick River
 to see the canoe on the Brunswick River FLASH ALBUM
to see photos of Brunswick Heads
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