The Canoe Crate
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The Canoe Crate The crate was free and the rod holders were AU$12 each
The rod holders are fully adjustable, both up and down and fore and aft
It can be used to hold the rods while 'trolling'. The whole unit fastens to the rear outrigger pole
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How to make a Super Cheap canoe / kayak trolley

Built Nov 4 2006
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First buy a furniture trolley from
Super Cheap Auto for $19.50
Then attack it with an angle grinder and cut the plate off
Cut the handles to whatever length you would like


Then attach some straps and some foam padding
Test fit it to the canoe

And there ya go. Cost including trolly, foam and straps approx $30


What am I going to do with the leftover bits?
To See A Movie of the trolley being used to launch the canoe
Press the 'Start' button on the player below

My workshop

Perhaps I could buy some wheels and make a furniture trolley for a really short person.
The whole job took just 2hrs including a trip to the hardware shop.

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