The 1sq Mtr Vegetable Garden

Garden Started 23rd Oct 2007
(Spring in Australia)

I cleared and cleaned up 1sq meter (50cm x 200cm) of my front garden to plant a few veggies.

Lightly fertilized with Dynamic Lifter and Blood & Bone.

Ongoing application of a general vegetable fertilizer


Tomato, Silver beet, and Broccolette seedlings planted out in 1sq mtr


Tomatoes (var Tommy Toe)
Broccoli (var Branching Broccolette)
Silver Beet (var Miniature)

The Garden Guardian
(Eastern Water Dragon Physignathus lesueurii)

18th Nov 07
Broccoli and Silver Beet

Tomatoes flowering in less than 4 weeks


General repellent. Kills Aphids.

100 g finely chopped garlic
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Combine and allow to-stand overnight. Dissolve 30 g pure soap in 500 ml lukewarm water and add garlic oil mix. Soap makes it stick. Strain and use diluted at 15ml per liter of water.

Silver Beet

25th Nov 07

Little Tomatoes
Silver Beet almost ready to pick

7th Dec 07

Chili Garden Spray

Ants, Aphids and Caterpillars

Puree 50 chilies with a liter of water. Strain and add liquid soap and one more liter of water. And use as a spray. Be careful when handling this spray as it can be very irritating to humans as well as the ants, aphids and caterpillars you are targeting.

Be careful not to inhale the spray. Rather uncomfortable (personal experience)

Broccolette flowerets

5 th Jan 08

Picked 4 dozen tomatoes (not all in this bowl)
And many more to come

Insecticide Soap Spray

Kills Insects

Ingredients: Liquid Dish Detergent

Put one tablespoon of dish detergent per gallon into a sprayer.

Apply liberally on top and bottom of leaves.

Re-apply after rain or one to two weeks.


More To Come As The Vegetable Garden Progresses

To See The New Nov 2008 Garden

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